What does a Florida Title Company Do for the Buyer?

How does a Florida title company_ help in the home buying process? Below we examine how title companies are involved in clearing titles and closing on homes.

1. What does a Title company do?

A title company makes sure that a seller has the right to sell the property to a buyer. At Atypical Title, our role is to verify that the title to the real estate is legitimately given to the home buyer. Since a clean title is required for every real estate transaction, title companies complete a search on every transaction to check for claims or liens before a new title can be issued. Without title insurance, buyers could be liable for money owed on the home long after closing.

Atypical Title, LLC has more than 15 years of experience and offers a single point of contact, easy and reliable communication, and the freedom to close on your schedule.

2. What is Title Insurance?

There are 2 different types of Title Insurance:

  1. A Lenders Title Insurance policy protects the lender only. This is to protect their interest in the property if an issue should arise from someone having a legal claim against the home.
  2. A Owners Title Insurance policy protects the homeowner if someone tries to collect on a claim form before the homeowner purchased it.

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